The Regulations Governing Employee Inventions: a comparative study between the Jordanian and German law

Aldabbas, Aya Marwan Mustafa
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The Jordanian legislation is not considered to be regulating the matter as efficient as it can be, which is the reason this research topic was selected. This research aims to discuss how the Jordanian legislation regulated the matter of employee inventions and shed a light on the gaps and errors the legislator had fallen into using the analytical comparative method. This research will compare the Jordanian legislation to the German legislation which is considered one of the most comprehensive and detailed regulations on the matter of employee inventions, which also had faced criticism as well. It will cover different topics relating to the matter such as: the governing regulation, to whom the ownership results to, fair remuneration for the employee and the matter of conflict resolution. The conclusion of the research aims to point out where the Jordanian legislation has taken a different point or approach of regulating the matter and shedding the light on the outcome of such approach and indicating if such an approach is efficient and sufficient or it should be reconsidered, the research also resulted in a number of recommendations that the Jordanian legislator should take into consideration in order to modernize its approach towards employee inventions regulations.
Employee Inventions, Ownership of Employee Inventions, Labor Law, Patent Law, Jordanian Law, German Law