The Changing Role Of Women In The USA During The 1920s As Depicted In Political Cartoons

Kristán, Vivien
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For many people the 1920s meant welfare and peace, but for women it was the decade of fighting for changes. By the 1920s women improved and changed their role in society as they had already achieved the right to vote and increased their presence in the public arena. In spite of this fact there were still some obstacles they had to face and goals they wished to achieve. Most women were poorly paid and were employed in jobs such as cleaners, secretaries or waitresses. Moreover, many women were still housewives and were not equal to men at the workplaces and also in other areas of life. Although women were regarded as the weaker sex and were considered inferior to men throughout history, they proved during the 1920s that they were more than just housewives and they were able to fight for their goals. My thesis proves with the help of political cartoons that this statement is true and details the process through which women showed their strength and persistence in the 1920s.
role of women, equality, goals