Identity and Authenticity in Three Aboriginal Australian Novels

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In this attempt, I will focus primarily on a possible interpretation and analysis of the concepts of identity and authenticity and their meanings in the Aboriginal Australian context of our modern times. However, I will also deal with the related issues of culture, traditionality and the trauma of the ‘Stolen Generation’ phenomenon. Then these concepts will be traced back and subjected to analysis in three novels by Aboriginal writers. I will employ the method of close reading and textual analysis of Sally Morgan’s My Place, Mudrooroo’s Wild Cat Falling and Kim Scott’s Benang. These literary pieces are a kind of materialization of their authors’ quest for an authentic self, an Aboriginal identity in the 20th century world of Australia. They provide a platform for presenting, interpreting and discussing those social, political and cultural issues that these Indigenous writers are preoccupied with throughout their literary career and perhaps entire lifetime. Furthermore, I will also analyze a range of secondary sources, namely critical essays on concepts like identity and authenticity, the life and literary careers of the above mentioned Aboriginal authors and the novels themselves.

Australian fiction, aboriginals