Development equipment for hydro-jet forming of women designer's headwear

Yakymchuk, Olena
Dmytro, Yakymchuk
Bilei-Ruban, Nataliia
Nosova, Iryna
Horiashchenko, Serhiy
Horiashchenko, Kostyantyn
Kisil, Tetyana
Tuz, Viacheslav
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The objective of this research is to develop the equipment for liquid-jet forming of women's headwear hats, which will allow expanding design assortment of these products. The equipment for cyclic liquid-jet forming of headwear hats in liquid-active working environment (LAWE) with forming element rotation was designed. The mechanism of movement and orientation of liquid -jet forming nozzle was developed, which allows influencing fabric parts by flooded and controlled liquid-jet, repeating the contour at a certain distance and with appropriate angle attack on each technological section of the part. The conducted experimental research allowed to receive semi-spherical forms of headwear hats from six fabrics suit-coat assortments, which are one of the most difficult forms of non-seam forming. Completely formed hats of a given complex configuration were obtained by liquid-jet forming, different from standard semi-spherical ones. The developed equipment provides mobility of the production from the point of view of quick equipment adaptation due to action use of flooded controlled liquid-jet and forming of a significant number of various hats contours, various combinations of technological forming modes.
liquid-active working environment, hydro-jet forming, headwear hats, flooded hydro-jet, jet forming nozzle