Endondontic Applications of Three-Dimensional Printing

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Dental 3D models for diagnosis and treatment planning can assist dentists in performing more predictable, less invasive, and affordable operations on their patients. For complex anatomical structures, the use of 3D imaging, CAD/CAM software, and 3D printers provides significant advantages to meet the unique demands of the dentistry profession. The use of 3D printed guidance for canal localization during non-surgical endodontic treatment appears to be a reliable and predictable benefit. Combining Endodontics microsurgery with 3D printing improves the already exceptional results. As 3D imaging and 3D printing develop, educational and handling techniques for non-surgical and surgical endodontic treatments using these new technologies optimize operating outcomes and make treatments more manageable and more comfortable for patients.

guided endodontic, 3D printing system, digital dentistry