Possibilities of scar correction

Sabati, Aala
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Pathologic scars are fibroproliferative disorders that are caused by abnormal wound healing resulting from an injury to the deep dermis due to trauma, burn, and surgery. It poses significant burden on the patient’s lives in terms of physical appearance, clinical symptoms and psychological impairment. Treating pathologic scars has been a great challenge for physicians. Several clinical studies have been conducted for years in hope of understanding the pathophysiology, prevention and management of scars. My purpose is to make an attempt to investigate the most current and evidence-based therapies as well as emerging options for the treatment of scars. In addition, the etiology, pathophysiology, grading and classification of scars is discussed. In the final part of the manuscript, the combination treatment of a scar that followed a severe hand burn is presented as an example of successful complex therapy of post-trauma scars.
Hypertrophic scars, Keloids, Scar correction