What type of professionals are worth being hired for fitness clubs? Study made among fitness trainers and fitness consumers

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Fitness industry is an important segment of sports economy worldwide. The number of registered members in fitness clubs has shown a slow, but steady increase. The key objective of our research is to look into the fitness sector in terms of both the demand and supply sides, from the aspect of the fitness providers, as well as of fitness consumers using these services. We are aspiring to explore the training session attendance-related habits of consumers in the Hungarian fitness sector and investigate the factors, features influencing the attendance of the specific trainers’ sessions. Our research focuses on fitness trainers and leisure-time sportspeople who attend gym sessions and therefore the sample may only include people who meet these parameters. As our primary research method, we used interviews and questionnaire survey among fitness trainers and consumers. We asked a total of 753 leisure-time sportspeople and 261 trainers. Our research covers the study of training habits of fitness consumers and a personality analysis of fitness trainers. We think our research results support our fundamental hypothesis that the competitiveness of gyms could be improved by gathering informations on the consumers training habits and selecting the proper experts (trainers).

fitness services, fitness providers, fitness consumers, fitness trainers