Trade with Electromechanical Products between China and V4 Countries

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The thesis explores the dynamic trade relationship between China and the Visegrad Group (V4), focusing on the electromechanical sector, which includes technology-intensive and capital-intensive products like automotive parts, electronic equipment, and household appliances​​.The evolution of China's trade with the V4 countries is linked to key initiatives such as the China-CEE Cooperation Mechanism and the Belt and Road Initiative, which have significantly enhanced bilateral trade in electromechanical products​​.The analysis shows that electromechanical products are the largest component of China's exports to the V4 countries and also a sizable share of China's imports from these countries, reflecting a close interdependence​​.The thesis discusses the importance of the electromechanical sector to the economic growth and technological progress of both China and the V4 countries, emphasizing the need for continued deepening of cooperation to realize mutual economic benefits​​.Policy recommendations are made to strengthen trade relations and economic cooperation, including reducing trade barriers, enhancing technical cooperation, and optimizing import/export structures between China and the V4 countries​​.

electromechanical trade, China-Visegrad Group, economic cooperation