Using Peer Feedback in Teaching Writing in English to Secondary School Students

Derecskeiné Nagy, Mária
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Nowadays, the process of teaching and learning a foreign language in secondary schools is practically unimaginable without the integration of the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Of these, writing has had a relatively unfavourable position for a long time, even if it is weighed equally in school leaving and other language examinations. Many participants may see it as a chore to be done outside the classroom, and this lack of interest can be experienced not only on the students’ part, who usually think of writing tasks as boring and cumbersome homework, but also on teachers’, who may feel similarly when thinking of the piles to be corrected. The two ends of the correction scale are also easily killing any remaining motivation, as neither one-or-two-word puzzling comments, nor the splattering of red ink all over the pieces promote it (O’Muircheartaigh, 2000). (Introduction)
teaching writing, peer feedback