Evaluation of the capability of visible and near infrared spectroscopy for humus percentage content determination in Hungarian soils

Quintin Escobar, Diana Liliana
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The research aims were to evaluate the performance of humus prediction models by the implementation of VIS-NIR spectroscopy, as an alternative soil evaluation method.30 Soil samples were collected from a deep of 0-20 cm, humus content was determined by the Hungarian standard MSZ-08-0210: 1977 method. By evaluating the laboratory soil reflectance in the VIS-NIR regions and by assessing sensitive bands, previously determined in other studies. The humus VIS-NIR characterization was done, with the application of principal component analysis, 4 humus prediction models were defined. The validation of the efficiency for humus prediction was estimated by the root mean square error, determining the difference between the humus observed values, obtained with the Hungarian method and the humus predicted values of the models.
spectroscopy, visible infrared, near infrared, humus prediction