The British and Hungarian Political Systems

Kampné Gilyén, Mária
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In Western European countries parliamentary democracy is considered the most developed social and political system. It is regarded as the summit of political progress, because in this social structure the widest range of society can take part in political decisions. Great Britain and Hungary are in a relatively similar situation: they have both reached this level of progress, and employ a democratic, representative political system. [...] It seems that the state no longer serves universal interests; fulfilling rather the desires of the political elite. Citizens cannot hope much from state institutions, because these institutions for the most part represent the interests of capital. This situation is perfectly illustrated by measures that were carried out during the present crisis (e.g. consolidation of banks).The big question is whether in the spring of 2010 the reorganizing British and Hungarian political structure can find an authentic alternative for economic and social renewal.
Hungarian, British, political system