Behind every successful brand there is a great company: the examination of branding's effects on consumer behaviour through the examples of two FMCG companies

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Over the last few years, companies have realised the significance of the image they represent and besides building the brands of their products, they started to concentrate on forming the brand of the company. As I am fascinated by the power of brands and their effect on consumers, I would like to explore the world of corporate branding. I would like to examine this topic in connection with two FMCG giants that have recently started to put stronger emphasis on the building of their corporate brand.I have assumed that from the viewpoint of some customers, choosing among several products is often based on the perception of the brands and products alone and it has little to do with the corporate brand. Although, if one of the companies has a strong corporate brand, an idea built around it and its message is communicated effectively, when it comes down to picking sides, the brand of the company could be essential to decision-making. Therefore, the aim of my research is to discover the connection between consumers and brands, product brands and corporate brands; how corporate brand influence customers during purchase decision making.

corporate branding, consumer behaviour