Effects of anti-diabetic drugs on cardiovascular outcome in patients with diabetes mellitus

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Cardiovascular (CV) disease is an important complication which increases mortality and morbidity in patients with T2DM. Effective treatment is critical to lowering the subsequent risk of CV events, particularly myocadiac infarction, stroke and chronic heart failure in diabetes. Suboptimal glycemic control, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, oxidative stress and autonomic dysfunction are common CV risk factors among diabetic patients. In the last three decades, several clinical trials have shown that intensive glycemic control for diabetic patients help to reduce rates of both micro- and macrovascular diseases. Since 2008, the FDA in the US requires interventional studies for CV safety for all new drugs in the treatment of diabetes. There are various ongoing mass-study for T2DM therapies for CV safety and effectiveness for other complications of diabetes.

anti-diabetic drug, cardiovascular outcome