Tourism in Vietnam

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dc.description.abstractNowadays human life increasingly, they do not need the full material, but also needs to be satisfied mentally as fun, entertainment and tourism. Therefore, tourism is one of the promising industries. Vietnam tourism industry was born later than other countries in the world, but its role is undeniable. Tourism is an industry major to get more GDP for the economy and solve employment for many workers. That why people often say that tourism is easy to gain more profit and Vietnam not exception in the tourism sector. Vietnam is our world opinion is continuous assessment and friendly, safe ranked one of the tourist attractions in the world. On the other hand, Vietnam has many favorable for tourist to visit cause Vietnam with a long coastline, beautiful mountains and surrounded system shielding, mild climate, so many archipelago and islands with ecosystem abundant also has many famous landscape beautiful and the mysterious caves so interesting for tourist to discover, the legendary of temple. . Tourist coming in Vietnam has continue to rise in recent years and In 2008, Vietnam received 4.218 million international passengers, in 2009 the number was 3.8 million, down 11%. In 2012, Vietnam receives 6.84 million tourists. This was a 13% increase from 2011 figure of 6 million international visitors, which was itself a rise of 2 million visitors relative to 2010 arrivals. Besides, Vietnam is still limited in many industries such as tourism infrastructure has not yet responded to the travel, foreign languages, marketing, advertising for tourism still lags, Exploitation and Conservation has not properly , there are still many limitations to travel visa, tour still expensive compared to other countries. If Vietnam tourism industry knows how to learn to overcome the shortcomings, and better utilize and promote the advantages available So that Vietnam's economy will grow rapidly. The targets of the attempt will present in future. Vietnam will be a strong country on the tourism industry in the future.hu_HU
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dc.titleTourism in Vietnamhu_HU