Corporate social responsibility and its effects on consumer purchase intention through the example of Alibaba Group

Hu, Chuxiang
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With the rapid development of economy around the world today, people are starting to concern of series of social problems while they are celebrating the fast wealth accumulation. In the last decade, internet industry developed rapidly in China and under these circumstances, this article will analyse and discuss the corporate social responsibility strategy of Alibaba and its influence to consumer behavior.The methods of research contain two parts which are literature review and primary research which is method of questionnaire. This study takes the conclusions obtained from the data of questionnaire survey through describing statistical analysis, cross analysis and chi-square analysis as the primary research and taking the results obtained from the literature review as secondary research. The conclusions can be drawn from the results that a good CSR programme of an enterprise can increase consumer’s purchasing intention and respondents have high expectations for enterprises to fulfill their CSR programme and they are willing to pay higher price for a product because of a good CSR programme. This article also gives suggestions :establish an effective, long-term and clear CSR strategy, and improve the visibility of the CSR programmes of enterprises.
corporate consumers, Alibaba, purchase, intention, social responsibility