Enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards

Bayz Agha, Miran Mamand
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International commercial arbitration awards without enforcement no exceed than useless paper. Hence, enforcement of the award is the last and decisive process of international commercial arbitration. So that topic deserves more analyze. Furthermore, this Thesis is concerned to examine the International commercial arbitration. Because disputes are inevitable in international business. Parties have the option to solve future disputes by the arbitration instead of court litigation. As well as, The thesis seeks to be a comparative study to the enforcement of the commercial awards between international standards and Iraq. The general objective of the thesis, clarification of the influence treaties on the enforcement of the awards. In particular, the New York convention of recognition and enforcement of the foreign arbitral awards in 1958. It was a turning point for the enforcement process worldwide.
Enforcement awards, International commercial Arbitration, New York Convention, Iraq, Riyadh Convention