Pharmacological aspects of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy

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Post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy has its benefits and risks just like the other substances in pharmacological field. When the women experience menopause-related symptoms, it can be considered as beneficial to initiate HRT if close to the time of menopause. The recent data supports that the advantages of taking HRT overweight than risks in case of early menopause. The risk also tends to be lower for those who are young and have no contraindications. It is also favorable for those at high risk to go under HRT for prevention of osteoporosis even without symptoms. Although, it should be kept in mind that management with HRT should always be evaluated individually, this would like to conclude as it is more favorable and beneficial to treat unpleasant menopause related symptoms with HRT for those under 60 years of age or within 10 years of menopause onset, and have no contraindications, as well as those who are at high risk of osteoporosis and fracture.

Hormone replacement therapy, Postmenopausal treatment