Effect of the anthocyanin rich sour cherry extract to the tight junktions of the inflamed vascular cells

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The Hungarian Sour Cherries have remarkable anthocyanin content. The nutraceutical and pharmaceutical effect of the anthocyanin have been considerably studied. Several studies indicated Anthocyanin’s benefits to the human health. Because of their antioxidant activity, Anthocyanin has protective effect against oxidative stress, modulate blood glucose, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Based on this knowledge our study focus was to examine ACRE effect to the tight junction of inflamed vascular cells. All chemicals were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich. Pure ACRE and HUVECs were provided by Departments of Debrecen University. TNF-a used as inflammatory model. Determined applicable 50mg/ml ACRE concentration applied for experiments. Concerning our experiments results found that anthocyanin sour cherry extract alleviated TNFαinduced ZO-1 and Occludin expression. Cells showed decreases in the mRNA level of ZO-1, Occludin following TNF-α treatment which was significantly increase by ACRE. This study indicates that the anthocyanin-rich sour cherry extract could be protective in inflammatory endothelial dysfunction by their haemostatic and vasoactive effects, anti inflammatory and pleiotropic effect including anti-oxidative.

Hungarian sour cherry, anthocyanin, tight junctions, inflommation