Comparison of apricot cultivars for suitability for organic growing

Dremák, Péter
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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Enviromental Management of the Debrecen University, Debrecen.
Nowadays, important task is using more widely the environmentally friendly production technologies. There are considerable differencesamong technologies using reduced spray programs (integrated and organic) in plant protection and plant nutrition.In this case integrated production has a better position as roles for organic production more strict and due to this fruits has an obvioustemporal and permanent reduction in tree conditions. Fitotechnical elements and renewal and regeneration of cultivars are importantfactors for offseting or delaying of condition weakening.In this study, 5 apricot cultivars (not pruned for 8 years) were compared in their characteristics (assessment of inactive, semi-active andactive plant parts).Our study showed that there were 50-70% differences among observed characteristics. Our study confirmed those cultivars which aresuitable for organic production and which one more resistant to condition weakening and which one able to tolerate negative technologicaleffects.
regeneration, organic growing, apricot cultivars