Spatial distribution of selected soil features in Hajdú-Bihar county represented by digital soil maps

Pásztor, László
Laborczi , Annamária
Takács, Katalin
Szatmári, Gábor
Illés, Gábor
Fodor, Nándor
Négyesi, Gábor
Bakacsi, Zsófia
Szabó, József
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University of Debrecen, Institute of Earth Sciences
With the ongoing project we aimed to significantly extend the potential, how soil information requirements could be satisfied in Hungary. We started to compile digital soil maps, which fulfil optimally general as well as specific national and international demands from the aspect of thematic, spatial and temporal accuracy. In addition to relevant and available auxiliary, spatial data themes related to soil forming factors and/or to indicative environmental elements we heavily lean on the various national soil databases. The set of the applied digital soil mapping techniques is gradually broadened. In our paper we present some results in the form of brand new soil maps focusing on the territory of Hajdú-Bihar county.
digital soil mapping, soil property map, functional soil map, soil related map, soil spatial data infrastructure, soil type map