Influence of air distribution in modern large university lecture hall on thermal comfort

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The paper is focused on the influence of air distribution in modern large university lecture hall on the thermal comfort. Providing the optimal parameters of the thermal comfort in the interiors of a university is immensely important for the students. Meeting these parameters is inevitable not only from physiological point of view but also to achieve the desirable students' performance. Parameters of the thermal comfort are also influenced by air distribution system in large university lecture hall. Correct position of supply air and extract air is very important. Experimental measurements of thermal comfort were carried out in the winter season in the large lecture hall of Vienna University of Economics and Business. The device Testo 480 was used for the measurements. Obtained values of air temperature, air relative humidity, air velocity, globe temperature, indexes PMV and PPD are presented in the charts. Modern air distribution system and air conditioning system of the large university lecture hall were evaluated on the basis of thermal comfort parameters. Conclusion of this paper states the principles of how to design modern air distribution systems and air conditioning systems in the new large university lecture halls.

thermal comfort, air distribution systems, air conditioning systems