The Correlation Between Fictitious and Real-Life Violence as Portrayed by the U.S. Media

Bathó, Barna Béla
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The topic of my thesis is the correlation between fictitious and real-life violence as portrayed by the U.S. media, specifically journals, and studies. My main focuses include how and what violence gets portrayed in games in general, how that violence then gets reported in various newspapers or scholarly works, how various online activities and most modern video games have been intertwined, and what other forms of violence - including electronic - are around. I shall argue that video games as a medium should not be accountable for the possible crimes they influence as fantasy and reality must never be correlated and the different ways various outlets of media coverage chooses to interpret and report these crimes are often biased against works of interactive fiction and quite counterproductive due to their overly sensational style. My analysis is based on comparing studies and occasionally debunking findings. I will also, generally, explain theories most scholars use when writing about this topic, and at times include other scholars' opinions about those theories and their legitimacy or relevance.
America, mental health, media violence