Teaching the American West in the EFL Classroom

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The reason why I have chosen to write about the American West is because I have long been interested in this era and I believe it is important for students of English to know about the events and culture that had one of the greatest impacts on the history of the United States. According to my teaching experience, students do not know much about this part of the American culture and history. Why to teach culture in the English language classroom? Languages are complex phenomena. To acquire a language is not enough to know the code and grammar structure but words, expressions, gestures take place in a social context that is determined by the culture of the nation. Thus, when learning a foreign language, it is not enough to know the language only. It is also important to get to know the cultures of the countries that use that language. Culture, in a wider sense, means the art, literature, music, traditions, beliefs and values of a nation. In order to understand these ideas, we have to know how they developed over time. Thus, knowing the history of a country is crucial to understanding the way of life of its people.

The American West, culture teaching