Ernest Hemingway's Gender Crisis

Kiss, Virág
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In the first chapter of my thesis I am going to look at several aspects of Hemingway’s life, specifically his childhood years, which might be revealing on how his troubled gender identity developed owing to a peculiar upbringing and a strange habit of his mother’s treating him as the twin of his elder sister, Marcelline. The second chapter is containing biographical data as well, but here the emphasis will be on the different attitudes and reflections of Hemingway’s contemporaries concerning his homoerotic interests and the attacks he had to endure because of his conscious public posturing as a model of manhood. For the third chapter I chose two short stories of Hemingway that could serve as a representation of the author’s preoccupation with homosexuality and I will go through these stories to show how he was constructing homoerotic narratives that seem heterosexual for first reading. The final chapter of my paper is discussing The Sun Also Rises, which I found worthy to analyze in terms of sexual interpretations.
gender, homosexuality