Trainspotting - For Beginners

Panczák, Éva
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Trainspotting has been always considered as a novel about drug addicts, and most people stop at this point, having no more interest in it. Some say that the novel and the film is not worth of paper and celluloid tape respectively. The reading public could not decide whether it praises addiction or criticize it. Some even wanted to become one of the characters, so opinions split. However, observant readers may discover its manifold beauties. [...] I tried to scrutinize [Trainspotting] from the point of view of its musical references and humour. But it seems it turned out to be much harder than I thought it will be, and I believe it was worth trying. Without this attempt I would never have found these slight, wise jokes in the novel, and those borrowed from the musical scene of the 70-80 rock punk era. Musical references connected to drugs and totally independent from them are present, positioned very wisely, and thus good source of jokes and word puns.
humour, music, punk