Cells and building structures. Part II. The loadbearing units in cells of the building – The cells in the loadbearing elements of the building

Lámer, Géza
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In this study, the relationship between the structure of the supporting frame and cells is addressed. The possible arrangements of the four primary structural elements – foundation, walls and pillars, slabs, roof – in global form as well as in a single cell are looked at. The types of connections of each support member to the support elements below are examined. In line with this, the layout and possible structure of the foundation, and the possible layout of walls and pillars as well as slab is reviewed. The main possibilities for structural design of the roof structure are outlined. Using the concepts of cells, and arrangement and division of cells there is given some applications. The different building types that can be interpreted using arrangement of cells as well as some applications are shown.
cell as building structure, structure of surface-like building constructions, supporting frames of buildings, arrangement of cells and buildings