"I am a balck woman"

Majoros, Zsuzsa
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The aim of the thesis is to introduce the considerable personal and mental changes on which the weak and oppressed black mother figure went through and became a powerful, conscious and self-confident black woman without identity problems and her resolved purpose is to be free and equal to whites. The reason why I chose this theme is that I always loved those literary works which were written by black writers, especially by black women writers for their subject matters are on intimate terms with me because I am fascinated and at the same time horrified by the cruel and naked truths of their masterpieces. The rise of black women from double oppression and their desperate struggle for their rights and equality are praiseworthy and their virtues deserve to be mentioned. The chosen poems of Brooks, Evans and Angelou demonstrate the course of development of the female self and in my opinion these are the best verses to commemorate the painful past and celebrate and respect the new black women.
identity, black woman poetry, black power movement