The significance of sharing information on the performance of the supply chain and the value of information sharing factors

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The present study examines the direct effect of IShar on SCPerf and the indirect impact of IShar on SCPerf through SCPerfIAs including SCIntg, SCCol, SCFlex. This study also determines and evaluates the influence of IShar’s factors on IShar. In this study, there are five objectives including:

  1. To confirm the correlation relationships between activities/factors considered in this study
  2. To identify the structure of the relationships in the set of IShar, SCPerf, and SCPerfIAs and the relationships in the set of IShar and the factors of IShar
  3. To accurately determine the degree of the effect of IShar on SCPerf through: – Measuring the direct effect of IShar on SCPerf – Measuring the impact of IShar on SCPerfIAs including SCIntg, SCCol, and SCFlex – Measuring the influence of SCPerfIAs on SCPerf
  4. To accurately evaluate the accurate influence of factors such as Comt, InfT, Trust, and EnU on IShar in the supply chain
  5. Propose the key activities/factors for improving SCPerf and IShar, as well as the activities that should be prioritized for improvement of SCPerf and IShar Two methods are used:
  6. MA is to examine the connection of each pair of two activities/factors
  7. MASEM is to determine the suitability of relationship structures of two sets of activities/factors, including 1) set of IShar, SCPerf, and SCPerfIAs including SCIntg, SCCol, and SCFlex and 2) set of the factors of IShar and IShar Five conclusions are drawn from the results of this study, as follows:
  8. There is enough evidence to statistically confirm the correlation of 15 pairs of activities/factors except for the relationship between InfT and EnU.
  9. The important role of intermediaries in the relationships between two activities/factors.
  10. Two activities IShar and SCCol should be firstly prioritized when improving the performance of the supply chain. In which, IShar has more priority than SCCol.
  11. Comt and InfT are two elements strongly affecting information exchange. In which, Comt should be given priority over InfT if resources or budgets are limited.
  12. There are still over 50% of other factors/activities affecting the change of SCPerf, SCFlex, SCCol, and IShar besides considered factors/activities. For SCIntg, other activities/factors account for 48% of the variance of SCIntg.
sharing information, supply chain