Distributior Agreements in the ligh of the European Regulation

Fekete, Péter Pál
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Distribution agreements are under international use. The largest and leading world dominant companies for example Red-Bull, Apple, Lego are distributors and that’s why they can reach the smallest consumers like me, and operate in a number of countries for wide geographical coverage. These agreements are the leading contract forms in the business life, even though, it not is a well know tool for everyone and this the picked this topic. The legal background of the distribution based on may factors other than competition law. It relating with EU law, domestic legislation, intellectual property law, consumer protection and some non-legal consideration too. If we want to draft a excellent contract in all aspects, there is many open question. When we planning a distribution system, it is important to clear the most important elements of the agreements.The aim of my dissertation is present the general rules of the European distribution agreements, the domestic legal background and some related legal system and give some practical advice to drafting a distribution agreement. The first part of the dissertation is dealing with general definitions, second part is about general rules for example EU competition law, different distribution agreement forms and after that I focused on the termination, infringements, intellectual property law and choice of law issues. The third big part is processed the different legal base of different, but relates legal system countries for example the domestic Hungarian rules, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The final part of the dissertation is about top mistakes in distribution contract drafting and how to avoid them.