Physical therapy management of Bell’s palsy patients: a cross-sectional study at the Department of Neurology

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Bell's palsy(BP) is an idiopathic, acute paralysis of the peripheral facial nerve which supplies most of the facial muscles. In this cross-sectional survey we included 26 patients with Bell's palsy in order to explore factors and aspects associated with favourable and improved outcomes in patients with BP at the Department of Neurology after physical therapy guidance and electrotherapy sessions. Despite the limitations stated in my work, my results suggest that BP dysfunction can be attenuated with electrotherapy sessions, with proper physiotherapy guidance

BP=Bell's palsy, HBS=House-Brackmann Scale, FDI= Functional Disability Index, HB=House-Brackmann, PFNP= Peripheral Facial Nerve Palsy, CT= computed tomography, MRI= Magnetic Resonance Imaging