Intergenerational Trauma Amongst Native Americans

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This thesis delves into the multifaceted phenomenon of intergenerational trauma experienced by Native American communities, with a focus on the historical context, survival narratives, and contemporary ramifications. The research unfolds across three interconnected chapters. The first chapter scrutinizes the historical backdrop of intergenerational trauma among Native Americans, particularly examining the systemic policies and laws governing education, notably the establishment of residential schools. The second chapter presents a compelling compilation of survival accounts from individuals who endured the harrowing experience of residential schools. The third chapter ventures into the intricate interplay of genetics in the transmission of trauma across generations. Collectively, this thesis offers a nuanced exploration of intergenerational trauma among Native Americans, weaving together historical insights, personal narratives, and scientific inquiry to illuminate the profound and enduring repercussions of past injustices.

native american, trauma, intergenerational trauma, historical background