Great Britain's Imperial and Cecil Rhodes ' Colonial Policies in South Africa in the late 19th Century

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A considerable part of the former British Empire used to be in Africa. Although a lot of British explorers, travellers, soldiers and diplomats facilitated the British expansion in Africa, my work is confined only to the period of Cecil Rhodes’ transactions and expansion in South Africa, beginning with his arrival in 1870. There were a lot of objectives which I attempted to explore in my thesis dealing with Great Britain’ and Cecil Rhodes’ South African conquests. First of all, I wished to clarify the notions and aims of Imperialism and Colonisation in order to help the understanding of the political, economic and historical processes and events discussed here. Secondly, I found it justified to examine Great Britain’s and Rhodes’ ways and targets of expansion separately, owing to the apparent differences between them that I will elaborate on later. Thirdly, I also wished to reveal the roles of some persons of great account and to what extent they exercised influence on the events. And last, but not least I wondered whether I would be able to come to a satisfactory conclusion at the end of my thesis after having examined all these points.

Rhodes, South Africa, imperialism, Boer War