Effect of Stearoyl-CoA desaturase gene polymorphism on milk production traits of Hungarian Holstein Friesian cows

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The objectives of this study were to estimate the genotype and allele frequencies of SCD gene and to investigate the effect of SCD 878 C/T gene polymorphism on milk production traits in Hungarian Holstein Fresian cows. Hair root samples were collected from 277 Hungarian Holstein Freisian lactating dairy cows. Genotyping and amplification of SCD gene was done usin TaqMan probe method. The Alanine Valine amino acid substitution of 878 C/T SNPs at A293V were considered according to Tanguichi et al., (2004). Descriptive statistics, Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium and ANOVA were used for the analyis TaqMan probe results and recorded 305 day milk yield, fat and protein yield, SCC, fat and protein content. The estimated genotype frequency of the SCD gene polymorphism of Hungarian Holstein Friesian population were CC (34%), CT (53%) and TT (13%) and the allele frequency was C (61%) and T (39%). Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (P=0.046945, X2=3.947) was not maintained in the studied population. ANOVA result showed that no significant difference (P>0.05) between the SCD genotypes and milk production traits under study. Even though the difference was not statistically significant, 305 day milk yield, fat and protein yield, fat and protein content were higher for cows with TT genotype and SCC was lower when compared to cows with CC genotype. Detailed study have to be conducted on the effect of SCD gene on dairy production traits especially fat composition which has significant role in human health.

Hungarian Holstein Friesian,, SCD gene, Genotype, RT-PCR, TaqMan probe, Polymorphism