Developing International Anti-Terrorism Law

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In summary, we set out to study the impact and role of terrorism in the framework of international criminal law.Furthermore, it sought whether the International Criminal Court ought to deal with and act against the crimes of terrorism and if so, what is the finest way to do so. The first conclusion is that the modern development of terrorism has intensely reshaped the way international criminal law dealt with and deals with the crime of terrorism. The second conclusion reached is that the International Criminal Court must indeed interfere and prosecute crimes of terrorism and the best way to do so is to ensure that the crimes of terrorism are understood as crimes against humanity.the research first outlined and studied the manner in which international terrorism has changed today.Such an evolution clearly then has transformed the way in which States respond to and deal with such terror crises.The effect then is that State practice along which international law is truly based had been reformed in such a fundamental approach that the relating law also had to be changed.

terrorism, anti terrorism law, international criminal law