Development and implementation of microcontroller-based blind and shutter control

Raban, Mohammed
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The aim of this thesis is to develop and implement a microcontroller based blind and shuter controller. Shutter controllers are considered as one of the important issues for energy saving, comfortable and secure environment. Several types of controllers and stutters offered in the market today. All manufacturers are competing with each other producing a well-designed system that satisfies people’s needs and budgets. The purpose of my thesis is to design a roller shutter controller model. In the first section of my thesis I will give a brief theoretical introduction beginning with the roots of the idea of control then, I will explain the window shutters and their components. Also in this section I am going to describe the general operation of the shutters and their technology of operation. At the end of this section I describe in brief the KNX standard. After that, in the second section, I will give short description about my design, its main units and its operation. In the third section, I will describe the hardware design phases: schematics, PCB, and enclosures. Then, in the forth section I will show the MCU programming and the development board used for this purpose and its applications. The fifth section will be about the full system installation and wiring. I will start with mechanical part fixation then system wiring and how to set the UP/DOWN limits. In the last section I will present a list of all used components in the form of tables. Each component is linked to its datasheet in the References.
microcontroller, shutter control, schematics and PCB design, Winavr programming