Behaviour of various experimental wall fragments exposed to real climate conditions – temperature measurement

Jurasova, Daniela
Juras, Peter
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Main aim of this paper is to illustrate the experimental partial results of a study on various exterior wall fragments. The study was performed for selected wall fragments and time periods, with attention focused also on wall orientation (East and South) with identical layering and also on dynamic thermal parameters connected to the thermal comfort during summer and winter. Evaluation is done for real measured climate conditions in the area of experimental laboratory (exterior – University of Zilina) and interior conditions set according to the Slovak standard. For needs of the long-term experiment (since March 2017), temperature and relative humidity between layers are monitored. This paper deals specifically with the temperature measurement of selected days. For future publications also coupled heat-air-moisture transport analysis is intended. In this part of analysis, some extreme boundary conditions were selected and reviewed from the point of view of measured temperature inside the wall. Temperature peaks are characterized with respect to exposure to real atmospheric conditions.
wall fragments, thermal insulation, temperature, relative humidity