Devaluation of the Black Female in Toni Morrison's Beloved and The Bluest Eye

Huszár, Zsófia
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Both Beloved and The Bluest Eye depict that the continuing devaluation of black womanhood make it extremely hard and many times impossible for Black females to develop a positive self-concept. Neither Sethe nor Pecola are able to cope with the barrage of negative images directed at them by racist white society. Actually, the two protagonists accept and internalize the white racism established stereotypes and model their life according to them. As a result, both protagonists alienate from their self and their identity becomes fragmented. Having investigated Pecola’s story in reflection of Sethe’s experience, and vice versa, I find it appropriate to claim that devaluation of Black females originating in slavery is a legacy passed on from generation to generation distorting and destroying Black women’s lives for a long time.
devaluation, black female, racism