Complications of Mandibular Fractures

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The thesis investigates the potential complications that may arise from mandibular fractures, which are common injuries that can cause significant functional and aesthetic impairments. The study analyzes a range of possible complications, including malocclusion, infection, nonunion, and damage to adjacent teeth and nerves, and explores the factors that contribute to their occurrence. The paper also evaluates the various treatment modalities available for mandibular fractures, including surgical and non-surgical approaches, and highlights the importance of accurate diagnosis and prompt intervention in preventing or minimizing complications. Through a comprehensive review of existing literature and a detailed analysis of clinical cases, the thesis provides valuable insights into the complex nature of mandibular fractures and their associated risks, and offers important recommendations for clinicians and researchers working in this area.

mandible, fractures, complications, maxillofacial surgery, maxillofacial trauma, traumatology