Correlation between rancidity and acid profile

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The propose of this study is to evaluate the volatile fatty acids profiel in oat samples. It follows from the obtained data that the volatile rancidity of oat almost exclusively is due to the presence of myristic acid and margaric acid which have the limit of 0,19 % to be responsible of samples rancidity. This rancidity is probably originated from the degradation of the main acids of the oat (linoleic acid and oleic acid). During organoleptic tests with experimental oat a relation between the intensity of unfavorable flavor and an increase in the number of volatile fatty acids presented in the GCMS profile has been found. The approach of the correlation between the fatty acids profile and the rancidity reveals results in order to determine the acid responsible which may give us an idea about their presence in all stages of oat storage and shelf life evaluation of oat products.

oat, rancidity, GCMS