Transparently injecting business logic into MVC web applications

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In the last years software technology has become essential generally in business life: the usage of IT systems is inevitable. However, building standalone applications are often costly and time-consuming, not to mention that maintaining legacy software is often overwhelming and is out of control. Nowadays enterprises are also more opened to process-based systems and there is a growing demand to separate the business logic and the core of the application. As a consequence, it is urgent to be able to inject business processes into existing IT products. Implicit BPM (Mondéjar, R., García-López, P., Pairot, C., Brull, E.: Implicit BPM: A Business Process Platform for Transparent Workflow Weaving) introduces a novel approach to transparently inject business logic into legacy web applications. In this thesis we have successfully accomplished to build and extend the Implicit BPM platform with a new domain-specific language interpreter and with interception algorithms in order to perform the transparent business process injection.

domain-specific language, business process management