Connection between the potential wind energy and the windy days

Tar, Károly
Tóth, Tamás
Rózsavölgyi, Kornél
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University of Debrecen, Institute of Earth Sciences
Preliminary wind climate information are required for the selection of the sites of energetic windmeasurements. Optimal locations of wind energy projects, where the amount of utilizable windenergy can be forecasted with a good approach, can be determined using GIS and statistical methods.Anyhow, it is necessary to elaborate methods what make posible to gain data for the wind potential ofa given location on the base of measured data. Monthly number of windy days can be such predictorif its basic statistical parameters and its connection to the monthly mean wind power can bedetermined. This latter one can be substituted by the area under the curve of the function fitted to thehourly averages of the cubes of the wind speeds. A regression modell is fitted to the monthly numberof windy days and areas under the curve, on the base of time series of 7 Hungarian weather stationsand the error of the modell is determined. On this base, the modell is extrapolated to a 35 years longperiod. The area under the curve proportional to the monthly mean wind power calculated on the baseof the monthly number of windy days show a significant decreasing trend in 4 Hungarian weatherstations.
statistics of windy day, specific wind power, regression model, error and extrapolation of the regression model