New perspectives in treatment of Pre eclampsia

Peter, Kevin
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Pre eclampsia has been a major cause of maternal and infantile mortality for centuries, many years of research has vastly improved outcome for patients suffering from this vascular disease, yet there still needs to be a further understanding behind the pathomechanism of pre eclampsia to further improve mortality rates and prolong pregnancy. Novel treatments that target newly understood angiogenic factors could potentially play a role in the pathomechanism of pre eclampsia and could hold the answer to prolong pregnancy and thereby significantly reduce mortality and morbidity. Also interesting would be the role of monoclonal antibodies coupled with benifits of low side effects profiles in relation with this form of conservative therapy. The introduction of an effective conservative therapy might help reducing the poor outcomes of preeclampsia in developing countries through easy access and administration.
Pre eclampsia, Novel treatment, Obstetric Vascular pathology