The Effects of Cultures in Silko's Ceremony

Girus, Enikő
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In my thesis I would like to elaborate on what kind of world view Native American tribes, particularly the Laguna Pueblo, have and I aim to do this through analyzing the works of the famous Native American writer Leslie Marmon Silko. Considering that Silko’s writing achievement is vast, and it would be almost impossible to include it into only one thesis, in this paper I will focus on only two of her works. However, I will put a greater emphasis on one, Silko’s 1977 novel, entitled Ceremony. I will also make some references to her 1974 short story, “Yellow Woman.” With this paper I intend to highlight the most significant features of Laguna Pueblo culture, Silko’s place in it, the origins of the novel Ceremony, what it might mean to the author, and to elaborate on the characters of the novel with the inclusion of the issue of gender roles and the way these figures are connected to the Laguna Culture. My purpose of writing about this topic is to reveal the effects of cultures on the novel.
Silko, Ceremony (novel), culture