Issues and Challenges in Social Entrepreneurship

dc.contributor.advisorKatonáné Kovács, Judit
dc.contributor.authorBui Tran, Khac Ha
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dc.description.abstractSocial entrepreneurs are generally viewed as organizations or individuals who make use of a business logic in a manner that is novel. Focus on bringing about improvements to the sectors of the population who have experienced exclusion, or some type of suffering, and who do not have the capacity to change things. Social entrepreneurship has a focus on poverty, but also on such as empowering women and effectuating change at the institutional level. A connection between entrepreneurial activities and other efforts in a society focused on the quality of life improvements, identification of methods for reducing the effects that are dysfunctional. However, there is no concrete definition existing about what, in reality, constitutes social entrepreneurship.hu_HU
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dc.subjectSocial Entrepreneurshiphu_HU
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dc.titleIssues and Challenges in Social Entrepreneurshiphu_HU
dc.title.translatedA társadalmi vállalkozások kérdései és kihívásaihu_HU