Hygrothermal assessment of roofs with above-rafter thermal insulation in the detail of the eave overhang

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This paper is focused on hygrothermal assessment of the eave overhang detail in above-rafter placed thermal insulation roof system. Results of the long-term measurement of this detail performed on a real building as well as the testing of the measuring method are presented in this paper. Within this measurement the moisture of wooden elements performing an eave overhang of the roof was monitored primarily in order to verify their long-term functionality. In addition the temperature and relative humidity in the roof structure were measured as well. As part of this measurement, various design variants of above mentioned detail in combination with different compositions of the roof structure were compared. The long-term functionality of the assessed details is evaluated in the conclusion of this paper, taking into account especially hygrothermal status of wooden element, which is associated with threats of infestation of these elements by wood decaying fungi or insects.

wood moisture measurement, electrical resistance method, roofs with above rafter placed thermal insulation, eave overhang detail