Is incoterms replacing gisg in passing of risk in international sale of goods?

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In the International Trade law the international sale of good is an important one. This sale contract, concluded when both the parties signed it and the seller become obliged to supply the goods and buyer is obliged to pay for the goods. But during the transportation of goods many event can cause damage to the good or initial state of the goods may change. One of the most important issues in relation to such contracts is a transfer of risk issue in case of damage of goods. In case of damage who will bear the loss seller or buyer? To deal with the passing of risk issue in the international sale contract, two international law was use to deal the issue. One is united nation convention on international sale of goods(CISG)and other is International Commercial Terms (INCOTERS) of international chambers of commercial (ICC).in the thesis paper we will analyze the use of these two laws in case of passing of risk. Does the use of INCOTERMS in sales contract is substituting CISG convention provisions or supplementing it.

passing of risk