Differences between the European Union and African Union

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This paper focuses on the differences between the European Union and African Union. The paper will go through both organisations' origins, success, failures and most importantly the financial initiatives they have taken to improve the economies of their member states. From the beginning it has to be known, the two organisations can never achieve the same numerical figures or have the same economic objectives be achieved at the same level-reason being they are situated in different continents, have different histories and have a different way of being run. However they can both be judged on their constant improvements and how they have worked to improve the economies of their member states, improving trade amongst themselves and the other continents plus the labour laws for the average citizen to have better chances of being financially stable. The European Union was born from the idea of securing lasting peace in Europe with The European Coal and Steel Community, founded in 1951 and since then many amendments have been made, however it can be agreed it is the European Union that inspired the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union but mostly the African Union. This thesis will compare the differences between the European Union and African Union, whilst still respecting the obvious challenges the African Union faces being in the African continent and knowing it cannot create change over night.

African Union, Poor Africans, European Union EU, 4 freedoms, Immigration, Poverty, Freedom of movement,, Ethopia, South Africa, Child labour