A novel approach of multi-loop control based-ADRC for improving lower knee position exoskeleton system

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This study revealed the system of a lower limb exoskeleton created for knee rehabilitation. The exoskeleton has been extensively used in rehabilitation robotic device research, but its practical applicability is limited due to its high nonlinearity and uncertain behavior. As a result, the control technique is critical in increasing the efficacy of rehabilitation devices. For the rehabilitation and help of a patient with a lower-limb condition, a sliding mode control (SMC) with proportional derivative (PD) control approach are used as parallel loops. Active disturbances rejection control (ADRC) is used by these controllers to cancel any external influences. To overcome the degradation of disturbance rejection and robustness caused by a failure to fully adjust for the entire disturbance, a (SMC) loop was introduced to the control regulation. By assessing performance indices related to the estimated inaccuracy, the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the suggested controller. Simulink is used for simulation and analysis.

lower extremity, ADRC, SMC, PD controller, trajectory tracking, exogenous disturbances