Violence on the Screen

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The thesis will give an indepth analysis of the Oates novel, exploring the reasons, the means, the process, the results and the consequences of the girls' fight against systemic abuse. The girls will be positioned in the system of patriarchy, highlighting how the gender and class disparity and oppression characteristic of patriarchal society also dwell within the family hierarchy. The girls' mode of resistance will also be explored in the context of gendered violence, since they clearly manage to transcend their initial victimized position.Employing Smelik's comprehensive synthesis of traditional cinematic practices, it should be highlighted that, as the camera can be regarded as (re)presenting a traditionally masculine perspective, the two films examined in this thesis pose intricate questions. The movies depict stories of young girls facing and choosing to battle sexual and physical abuse. Through examination of cinematographic elements, such as camera placement, movement, angle, or soundscape, the study will investigate how and to what extent the adaptations manage to convey such stories within -literal and conceptual- frames of the allegedly male gaze.

adaptation, gender, feminism, violence, Girl Power, gaze