Aldous Huxley's Vision of a Brave New World in the Present

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A synthesis of these futuristic visions is created in the story presented to us in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. In Huxley’s setting humanity is not annihilated or decimated but ceases to be human during the creation of their perfect civilization as well. They are as automatons, like cogs in a big machine, a big social machine; they do not live as free individuals they resemble more to a mindless flock of sheep. Social engineering, massive brainwashing, and total control are the predominant features of this society. People are slaves of their own desires and their own weaknesses; they function like machines that only need food, fun, and sex and in turn they make perfectly obedient and effective subjects of society and the leading powers of their society. Although a nuclear or biological catastrophe together with the following fallout has been prevented, another kind annihilation has become reality: the death of the self, the soul, the individual.

American society, Iraq, media, manipulation